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  • Disney on Ice: Let’s Celebrate! Coming to a City Near You!


    Disney on Ice: Let’s Celebrate! is one of the most colossal of Disney on Ice productions there is to date. Its plethora of most-beloved Disney characters, its explosive colors and state-of-the-art imagery and costumes, and, of course, the event’s most famous of Disney musical numbers are combined into one incredible show that is sure to change the course of your life forever!

  • Ed Sheeran’s New Album X –OUT NOW!


    Ed Sheeran, the UK’s boy next door, is now the world’s global lover boy, with a global fan following that consecutively sells out his shows and performances worldwide.

  • Prismatic North American Tour with Katy Perry & Tegan & Sara


    Longtime fans of both Katy Perry and the hot indie twins Tegan & Sara will finally have their chance to rock with these queens of music entertainment at the highly anticipated Prismatic North American Tour 2014!

  • Michael Buble the Classiest of this Year’s Performers


    Michael Buble, the man who brought us the popular and Billboard-topping hit singles “How Can You Mend a Broken Heart”, “Kissing a Fool”, “Sway”, “Spider-Man Theme” and others, has finally embarked on his 2014 world tour.

  • Aerosmith and Slash Revival Tour of 2014 – Don’t miss it!


    This 2014, Aerosmith and Slash, two of the greatest rock ‘n’ roll artists of the 1980’s are taking the nation by storm in their 2014 headlining national tour. This ultimate classic rock event is sure to keep you jamming on your air guitars from start to finish.

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